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Nothing gives us greater joy than the fact that our clients are able to fully trust us with their personal and financial details. This is why we have privacy policy in place, which ensures that nothing jeopardizes the well-being of our clients in any way.

Please acquaint yourself with the following clauses before placing an order with us.

Personal Details

When signing up for our services, you are required to fill in an order form which includes spaces for details such as your name, phone number, email address, etc. Just know that this information is absolutely safe with us, and we only use it to analyze patterns of activity on our website. It will never be sold or made visible to any third party.

Financial Details

Our payment system is quite secure as well, and no one can access your financial details when you enter them in. Our servers are heavily protected against a possible foreign intrusion, and they are wiped off clean as soon as your transaction has been made. In addition to this, even our employees can’t access your financial information, as it is encrypted from the moment it enters our system.


This is a feature that enhances your browsing experience. However, cookies also store certain information from the time that you spend on our website. If you are uncomfortable with that, then you can always disable them in your browser. However, you should know that doing so would restrict you from fully enjoying all the features of our website.